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Hotel Restaurant A l’Agneau

At the heart of the Northern Vosges

Hôtel-Restaurant A l'Agneau en Vosges du Nord

Our story

Step in and find legendary Alsatian-Style mellow living and give in to the hotel’s stylish décor, the warmth of its traditions and its timelessly delectable dishes. Enjoy the personnalised cuisine fashioned by Anne Ernwein, dishes scented with season fresh ingredients, famous Alsatian wines and the legendary eaux-de-vie.

Découvrez le restaurant gastronomique A l’Agneau à Haguenau.

The head chef Anne Ernwein

Like the place itself, the cuisine crafted by Anne Ernwein is cheery, colourful, refined and teeming withtaste discoveries. Her irresistible recipes are swayed by her own inspirations and the seasons, and at their heart, the finest ingredients.

Anne Ernwein, member of the prestigious of “Stars of Alsace” club, is one of the few women who have been named “Master Chef of France” and was trained by great chefs such as Bernard Loiseau and Georges Blanc. She has also worked with Joël Garault.

Hôtel-Restaurant A l'Agneau en Vosges du Nord